If the visitor has to imagine the artwork is it still a jewellery exhibition?

We experience the world through the five senses, which send signals to the brain. With this information, the brain triggers emotions that ultimately shape our perception. When one of those senses is cut out, the brain automatically relies on the remaining senses to interpret its surroundings.

How do we perceive jewellery if we are not able to see it? What if we could only hear it? What kind of associations would the brain make and how does the imagination work with these stimulations?

Artworks happen in our imagination, in our brain. We become part of a creative process.

With this exhibition I want to stretch our ways of perceiving jewellery. Instead of the usual visual experience, visitors will have the possibility of experimenting an auditory description.
I want to underscore the importance that the other senses can have in the process of understanding and recognition.